Mobile app messaging
Scale up your audience quickly and build a reliable base of users
Do that by harnessing the power of attention-grabbing messages.
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Internet messengers are a new solution to draw your customers into chatting with you
This method is fast, reliable, engaging, and sure to drive an uplift your sales.
    Use one of the most popular chat apps to your advantage.
    Over 1.5 billion people, spread over 180 countries, have WhatsApp on their phone. Use the Business App to communicate how your customers like to; sharing photos, videos, memes, locations, and files all in real-time. Send contacts and documents to make your service smooth and lightning fast.
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    Chat how your customers want to keep them happy.
    Telegram lets you communicate directly with existing and potential customers. Know what they need and send them images, video and audio files, and different file types. Make a group chat or use a Telegram bot - the features are there for your use. All it takes is one click to get started on Telegram.
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    Attract a broader audience with the growing app.
    Viber has 1bn users and counting, ripe for your messages. You have no encoding or symbol restriction within 1000 characters; use images, stickers, emojis, voice, links, and audio messages all accessible to your customers. Your reach is truly global and your message fully customizable.
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    A big network delivers a strong message.
    Facebook Messenger is the first port of call when your customers want to talk. Build loyalty, serve your clients, provide solutions, all through the biggest social network in the world. Make Messenger the center of your customer service strategy.
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Using our WhatsApp Business API solution you can focus on elevating customer experiences.
A new era
of messaging
Send your clients the information to stay connected and engaged with your brand via Telegram.
Join 1bn
Viber Business Messages enable to interact your Customer directly with additional features.
Enrich your messages with images, stickers, QR codes and get more envolved customers.
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Need a platform that gets the job done, that’s fast, and works with your growing customer base? We make sure your customers get messages that tell them they can trust you and your new products. Try it out!
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Your marketing emails are personal, transaction-based, and rich in content and details. What better way to manage them than through a single, integrated platform? Grab everyone’s attention when you send emails through an API or over the web.
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