Easy, quick, and targeted messaging, direct to your customers
Reach your clients with our brand new solutions. With the portfolio of communication tools from 23 Telecom you can communicate with them through SMS, email, messaging apps.
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Speak with your customers
Your customers want a smooth communication experience across your business, from sales, to service, operations, and support
Let them choose how to talk with you in the most convenient way. Use our integrated platform that utilizes all the best tools for chatting.
Need a platform that gets the job done, that’s fast, and works with your growing customer base? We make sure your customers get messages that tell them they can trust you and your new products. Try it out!
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Mobile app messaging
Chatting with your customers keeps them coming back for more. Build relationships with your clients with personalized, in-app messages, and push notifications that are relevant to them. You’ll keep them engaged and excited when you stay connected.
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Your marketing emails are personal, transaction-based, and rich in content and details. What better way to manage them than through a single, integrated platform? Grab everyone’s attention when you send emails through an API or over the web.
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Partner with us and watch your business change
You'll be delighted at the services we offer at 23 Telecom
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Reasons to work with us
Local impact, global scale
Keeping you nimble, making your quick
Wholly-owned resources
Extraordinary customer support
The perfect collaborators
Fast solutions, long-term gains
Wherever you are, whatever you do, our communication solution will help you expand, innovate, and have a positive impact.
We use technology to make your business accessible, personal to your customers, localized, and ahead of the pack.
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Adapt or flounder; it’s the only way to stay competitive - we offer a solution that takes in trends as they happen.
Your communication will be precise, accurate, and personal: delivered fast, often, and reliably.
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Our near-infinite resources live in the cloud, making our infrastructure scalable horizontally.
Data is stored, compliance is checked, and services are offered on a completely local level.
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We offer consultancy on communication solutions, messaging best practices, and full integration of systems using our technical know-how.
You’ll get dedicated customer management and 24/7 access to network monitoring and support, ensuring complete satisfaction.
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As experts, we know what our clients want and what their customers need.
We’ve got the details covered and we’re ready to listen to your needs. Our track record of exemplary service speaks for itself.
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Your customer’s journey is important; our system lets you track, manage, and enhance their experience.
Use your business intelligence to communicate exactly how your customer wants, every time.
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Amazing cloud communications with our intuitive tools and APIs
  • Libraries
    Pull data from our libraries available in a variety of popular programming languages, including Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, and Go.
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  • API
    Use a clear and well-organized API.
    With our API you can use any programming language to easily integrate communication channels such as SMS, or email with your software or app.
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  • Web-based interface
    Create an effective customer journey.
    Register and get all the functionality to control payments, view statistics, and manage customers’ profiles in one intuitive web-based interface
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